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Unite, and bust those Cogs!
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wow much bae very wow 420/69 would gravy again kek ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ...


Panda3D Picture (Single Toon)
A single toon made in panda3d. Can have any pose and any accessories.
Panda3D Picture (Multiple Toons)
Same as last, but more than 1 toon. Maximum of 10 toons.
Panda3D Picture (Basically anything)
Using my magical Panda3D powers, I will do any size full SCENE that you want! (Example: A vp battle, a party, etc.) You can have anything happen that doesn't happen in game, as long as it involves animations, characters, props, and items from Toontown.

Newest Deviations

Toontown: The Purge - Chap 1(Chapter name in desc)
Hey, everyone. Decided to write a new Toontown fanfic based off The Purge. I must warn you that this story will get very graphic, or it will contain swears, blood, and it may eventually become NSFW. MAY. I haven't decided yet. Also, I know that the real Purge was only 24 hours, but in order to make the story more interesting, I made it a week. Anyways, enjoy!
       It was a warm, summer day in Toontown. The Toons and the Cogs had recently made a peace treaty for the summer season, just to take a break from their normal fighting. It turned out that this is just what everyone needed! Anyone could go anywhere without any sort of risk, such as Cogs inviting Toons into Factories, and Toons inviting Cogs to their estates. It seemed to be the best thing to ever happen to Toontown and the Cog Nation.
       During that same day, a meeting was called to be held in the new and improved Toontown Central. After the peace treaty was signed, the Cogs helped t
:icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 1 0
TEWNFURST by TailsTheFoxfan76 TEWNFURST :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 2 5
The Toon Species Elections
It was time.
The final elections had come for a new species of Toon to join the town as the 10th official animal.
The leader of the town, Flippy, decided that instead of doing elimination, he had one huge campaign in Toontown Central, where he let each Toon Candidate talk about why they should be the new toon in town.
There were all sorts of toon species, all with different personalities, but there were a few who stood out, who seemed to be very popular among the toons.
The Fox Toon, many toons seemed to like him in general, but one oddity is that he has a tail, something most toons do not have.
The Cow Toon, she was originally a candidate a few years ago, but was outvoted by The Pig, Monkey, and Bear toons.
The Deer Toon, not much is known about her, for she is very shy, but also very energetic.
There were a lot of other toon species as well, about maybe 15. They had just finished all their speeches and were waiting in Toon Hall, waiting to be called outside by Flippy and Alec Tinn.
:icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 1 3
Toonfest Selfie by TailsTheFoxfan76 Toonfest Selfie :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 1 1 WHY by TailsTheFoxfan76 WHY :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 0 2
A Little Comfort
This was a literature request for :iconMariolover54321:
Prepare for disappointment. I suck at literature.
It was a bright summer day in Toontown. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and gag trees were sprouting their gags. Alvin and Diana were sitting at a picnic table by the lake near their estate, enjoying some lunch. Ricky and Terence were off infiltrating SBHQ (cause reasons). All was well. That's when Alvin got a notification on his ToonGear. It was a teleport request from his friend, Tom MacPow. Alvin sent him a whisper (aka instant message/text).
"Hey bud, what's wrong? Is something up?"
There was a bit of time until Tom responded. "I just need to  feel better..." Then Tom teleported to Alvin and landed onto the bench, right next to Diana.
"Hey Tom, what's wrong?" asked Diana.
"Its just that..." Tom slowly replied as he sighed, "my Rottweiler is gonna pass away in a month..."
Alvin and Diana had sad looks on their faces. Diana patted tom on the back. "It's gonna be a
:icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 1 0
Dan the Inkling  (GMod) by TailsTheFoxfan76 Dan the Inkling (GMod) :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 0 0 Russ the Scout (GMod) by TailsTheFoxfan76 Russ the Scout (GMod) :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 0 0 haveagoodone.jpeg by TailsTheFoxfan76 haveagoodone.jpeg :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 0 0
Alvin and the Forgotten World: Prologue
*on a calm beach near a small oceanside town, at sunset*
*a gray wolf is sitting on the beach, crying into her hands. A dark blue cat walks over to her and sits next to her. He puts his hand on her shoulder.*
???(Cat): Hey... no need to cry... it's gonna be all right...
???(Wolf): No it isn't! We've been in this forgotten place for about a year! He forgot us...
???(Cat): He hasn't forgotten.... I hope... Just wait. He will be back for us.
??? (Wolf): I hope you're right...
*suddenly a portal opens, and a light blue female dog falls out, hitting the sand. She coughs up a bit of sand that got in her mouth*
???(Dog): Wh...where am I?
???(Cat): Where are you from? You look a bit.... I don't know... toony?
???(Dog): Im from a place called Toontown...
???(Wolf): Well, since you're here,it means you were abandoned. So welcome to the Forgotten World, um.... what's your name?
???(Dog): My name.... its... Daizee Dizzinni.
:icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 1 4
Alvin and the Forgotten World: Teaser 1 by TailsTheFoxfan76 Alvin and the Forgotten World: Teaser 1 :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 0 8 Teaser by TailsTheFoxfan76 Teaser :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 0 0 Ask the 8-Bitoons - Ask #3 by TailsTheFoxfan76 Ask the 8-Bitoons - Ask #3 :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 2 6 Ask the 8-Bitoons - Ask #2 (New Title, Yay!) by TailsTheFoxfan76 Ask the 8-Bitoons - Ask #2 (New Title, Yay!) :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 2 6 Ask Alvin and Co: Re-Pixeled - Ask #1 by TailsTheFoxfan76 Ask Alvin and Co: Re-Pixeled - Ask #1 :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 2 4 Ugh why is it blur- I mean Stopwatch Pixel Art by TailsTheFoxfan76 Ugh why is it blur- I mean Stopwatch Pixel Art :icontailsthefoxfan76:TailsTheFoxfan76 1 4


Ditto Fundraiser! by EarthenPony Ditto Fundraiser! :iconearthenpony:EarthenPony 436 39 Reference: Jett the Scout by Force-O-Nature Reference: Jett the Scout :iconforce-o-nature:Force-O-Nature 3 2 [Req] Diana Reference by Dazzlelize [Req] Diana Reference :icondazzlelize:Dazzlelize 4 2 Jolteon Doggo by Brontonia Jolteon Doggo :iconbrontonia:Brontonia 138 11 Toontown Custom T.Cards- ToonFest by TheSilverArtist Toontown Custom T.Cards- ToonFest :iconthesilverartist:TheSilverArtist 8 4
Magical Toons AU
Yeeaaahh you read the title right :iconteheplz:
I've been listening to a lot of spacey Japanese funk along with watching Sailor Moon Crystal
And I'm here finishing up a picture of Dee Jah Neigh as a magical girl 😚😚
Annnnd I'm wondering how all y'all feel about turning your toons into magical animu Warriors~? :3c
:iconlady-with-a--k:Lady-With-A--K 5 35
Art Trade: Other Worldly Friends by Force-O-Nature Art Trade: Other Worldly Friends :iconforce-o-nature:Force-O-Nature 12 2 Gift: Peppy Reference by Force-O-Nature Gift: Peppy Reference :iconforce-o-nature:Force-O-Nature 12 14 Super Smash Bros. Omega by ToxicIsland Super Smash Bros. Omega :icontoxicisland:ToxicIsland 1,555 2,192 Quick Animation - Rockruff  The puppy Pokemon by nekuroSilver Quick Animation - Rockruff The puppy Pokemon :iconnekurosilver:nekuroSilver 340 14 Meet the Pokemon Team by Harijizo Meet the Pokemon Team :iconharijizo:Harijizo 163 66 Pokemon Fortress 2 by 44tim44 Pokemon Fortress 2 :icon44tim44:44tim44 228 61 Unavoidable TF2 Crossover by Donovon2001 Unavoidable TF2 Crossover :icondonovon2001:Donovon2001 36 19 FNAF + TF2 (crossover) by MadPegasus FNAF + TF2 (crossover) :iconmadpegasus:MadPegasus 23 5 AvengersAOU:TF2 crossover by DarkLitria AvengersAOU:TF2 crossover :icondarklitria:DarkLitria 388 34 shell den by Squididdle shell den :iconsquididdle:Squididdle 33 39

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Hey guys, long time no see, eh?

Well, I think it might stay that way...

You see, I kinda have lost an interest in DeviantArt since I have nothing to post, etc.

But I'm not deactivating. I'm keeping my account up in case I want to come back.

But I want to be able to keep talking with all of you! So, to solve this, I have made a personal discord. Here is the invite link. It is set to never expire, so don't worry:

Join my discord so we can all talk together sometimes! But, there will be rules, which I am in the process of making.

Hope to see you guys there! 

P.S. I won't always be online because school and such, so yeah.


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Sheriff Alvin
United States
A Hardcore Toontown fan, Sonic fan, Smash Bros fan, etc., that plays on like 4 or 5 different Toontown Servers (Rewritten, Fellowship, Relived, Infinite, and soon to be my own, Nation.) Currently working on my own Toontown server, Toontown Nation.

REQUEST: TailsTheFoxfan76 User Button by UraniumTheElement

My YouTube Channel:…

Credit to :icondukespikettr: for my awesome Profile Pic :D



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